30 years of experience

Tyler is a friendly, patient, versatile music teacher offering guitar, bass, piano and music theory lessons to all interested students (ages six and up). Classically trained in America, Tyler Massey has changed the musical lives of countless students and has a proven track record of excellence: all of his students have received merits or distinctions on their Grade Examinations via ABRSM (Royal Schools of Music) or Trinity College London. Grades aren't the only option, though, and every one of Tyler's students receives a slightly different bespoke lesson plan based on their individual musical needs.

"I can not recommend Tyler enough... there's nothing he can't do." - Klaire D.

Qualified and passionate

Tyler recieved his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Guitar Performance (with a Minor in Piano) from Marshall University in 1992. He started teaching guitar while still in high school, and has continued ever since. He moved to the UK in 2005 and started giving private lessons in Malvern in 2008.

Unique, Proven Methodology

This image isn't coloured in because it's a secret method!

Using a bespoke method involving colours, Tyler has been able to teach all of his students to read sheet music, even student guitarists who had only ever used tablature before. Reading music is far easier than most people think, and far better than using internet tabs (which don't teach you the actual notes).


Keeping the lessons fun and easy starts with establishing a firm musical foundation. Free notation software (along with other online resources) is also employed in order to give students the ability to play along with virtual versions of their pieces at any tempo.


Lessons are very competitively priced and the focused, one-to-one sessions are much better value and far more effective than any group lesson ever could be. Lessons are £30/hr and a discount is given if you pay for a block of four. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have: my contact details are below.